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Youth Ministry

Explore the ministry opportunities for youth (7-12th grade) at Crossroads Nazarene Church.

Crossroads Youth

Crossroads Youth is our mentorship and discipleship program for students 7th to 12th grade. We believe our youth learn best when coached and mentored by their parents and trusted adults. We invite our youth to participate fully in our Sunday Worship services. But we also understand that sometimes our youth just need to hang out, play some games, and learn about Jesus in their own small group. That's why our leaders host the Youth Group either online or gathering together every Sunday at 5:30 pm.

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What to Expect on Sunday Mornings

Here's what to expect for our Crossroads Youth during a normal Sunday morning:

Sunday at 9:15 am: During this time of Covid, on site Sunday School is not being held. Youth are encouraged to join the prayer time held in the Chapel Room with their parents... prayer is a vital part of the Christian walk, and youth can be a vital part of this ministry to the church and our world.

Sunday at 10:15 am: Crossroads Youth are invited to participate fully in service, and to sit with their parents who can help their student with any questions about the week's teaching. Crossroads Kids are encouraged to sit with their parents through the music portion of service, and then are excused to another age/grade-appropriate class.

Crossroads Youth Group - Sunday Nights

Crossroads Youth meet every Sunday at 5:30 pm We believe that coaching, mentoring, and discipling our students 7th to 12th grade is an important and relational task. During this Covid season, we invite our students to join in a Zoom group every week where games and social interaction are encouraged before spending some time looking at the Word and learning to listen to what God is saying to each one of us. From time to time, youth will meet to take part in an hour of activity (bowling, meet at the park, etc) to encourage interaction for those able to get out and about.

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Our Youth Leaders

Crossroads has a great team of youth leaders who all are passionate for youth to know and love Jesus. As we are moving back to normalcy during these days of Covid, different leaders host the weekly group gatherings; and different families host the meetings in their homes, at the church or a fun location such as a park. We want our youth to understand they are loved and being invested in by a number of trusted church friends.

Have questions?

If you have any further questions concerning Crossroads Kids or Youth, or visiting Crossroads Nazarene Church with your kids, simply click the button below and get in touch with us!